CustomerView’s platform is so flexible it can serve as the foundation for a variety of competitive applications and features. Following are just a few examples.

Use Cases

Sentiment Analysis

A measurement of how the customer’s attitude,  feelings and or reactions change based on words  & phrases used over the life of a call or chat  interaction.

Compliance Scorecard

Measures legal disclosures or required call  components by product and or service for either  a new customer sale, an upgrade, a down grade,  or a disconnection of service. Compliance  Scorecard knows what disclosure needs to be  stated based on CRM metadata.

Agent & Caller Verbatim Search

The ability to search massive amounts of  transcribed phone audio files from the Agent  and or Customers perspective within a few  keystrokes to include Text, Chat or Email to compile detailed data analysis.

Get the Calls Out

Analyze chronic callers. The queue volumes and  call drivers should reflect the current chronic  callers.

Call Driver – LOB

Identify the main call drivers of why  customers are calling in by the Line of Business  to include secondary and tertiary call motives.

Transfer – Tracking

Feature that allows to isolate groups of UCIDs  that have multiple calls. For example if I speak to  Repair, Care, Repair, Care and others, one can identify interactions like that from  multiple levels.

Live Person – Integration

Live Person is a Chat service that allow agents to chat to customers over the internet. Chats have  transcripts and metadata, exactly like calls do.

Off Rate Acceptance – Sales

Offer and Acceptance Rates for Consumer Sales and  Acquisition. Create code frame around sales offers. Identify if sales closed on the call where sales offer  was pitched. Identify successful behaviors and discovery  questions, rebuttals and closes.

Auto – QA

Measure defined areas across every call for Care, ACQ, Early  Life, Web Assist, VST and Retention. Utilize code frame to look for behaviors present on call i.e. Email capture. Create Red Flag items that are looked for across all calls for Care, ACQ, Early Life, Web Assist, VST and Retention Cursing,  Negative Customer Experience and Supervisor. Refusal Develop alert system to send flagged interactions to Speech Ops team.

First CallResolution

Continually measure, track and act on first call resolution (FCR) analysis outcomes. Examples of first call resolution definitions include the total number of calls resolved correctly on the first attempt divided by the total number of calls over a specific period of time, and the total number of calls resolved correctly on the first attempt divided by the total number of first calls.