Our CXaaS platform, powered by AI, can be easily tailored to address specific challenges and opportunities across a wide range of industries.

Industry Use Cases

Telco: Improve Every Interaction, Reduce Customer Churn

Predict churn likelihood throughout journey to identify interventions that might prevent. Offer scheduling, retention options, enhanced technical support, first call resolution strategies, and using best agent information to improve agent skills.

Wireless: Improve Every Interaction, Increase Offer Effectiveness

Improve offer effectiveness across sales channels. Increase offers, close rate. Improve call efficiency. Develop more relevant discovery questions. Detect and train on buy signals. Ensure product/service presentations are accurate.

Energy/Utilities: Improve Every Interaction, Grow Retention Rates

Improve account renewal and prevent churn. Enhance script and retention tools at account renewal, identify high-risk time frames for customer calling, ensure script compliance, improve close skills, develop customer targeting to refine offers, extract competitor information.

Financial: Improve Every Interaction, Detect Fraud

Identify fraudulent or suspect behavior. Leverage specialized handling techniques, referral process, trending and other analytic reporting.

Medical: Improve Every Interaction, Increase Cross-Channel Sales Referrals

Drive product renewals through improvements to call quality.Enhance script compliance, agent performance (using input from best agent information), CSAT, internal quality enhancements, and call diligence.

Travel & Hospitality: Improve Every Conversation, Deepen Customer Relationships

Make it easier and more efficient for agents to work with travelers, whether helping them plan their trips. or adjusting their itineraries while they are on the road with contextually sensitive information and applications.

Internet of Things: Leverage Information Created By Devices To Enhance Service

Provide contextual, personalized support for everything from smart homes to connected cars, helping consumers troubleshoot and get the most out of their connected products.

Insurance Companies: Attract, Engage And Serve Customers More Efficiently Than Ever

Compete based on excellent service bundled with home, auto and healthcare insurance by making it easier to sell and extend policies, support an efficient and friendly claims process, and understand which products and campaigns are working best.