Conversational Behavioral Analytics: Every nuance analyzed, every opportunity optimized.

We’re more digitally connected as individuals and businesses than ever before; we live contextually, and we converse constantly. This includes millions of interactions consumers are having with brands every day, whether voice, chat, social, or other messaging channels.

The sheer volume and multichannel complexity of managing to keep customers happy makes it impossible to be great at customer service – unless businesses leverage technology.

Conversational Behavioral Analytics is the answer. Far more advanced than typical “contact center” analytics, CustomerView’s platform, delivered as a service in the cloud, brings together valuable data at scale from voice recordings to all other text-based channels, and analyzes not just content but context, tone, and how agents and ambassadors behave.

Natural Language Processing is making the experience of interacting with a bot who sounds human more possible, but still, for most people speaking with a live expert equals a GREAT experience, especially when that live expert has all the information and insight in sight on their contact center applications to deliver efficient and friendly service.

Today, with the assistance of advanced AI software, big data analytics, and innovative applications fed by just in time information, we can move beyond the capture of conversations and into a higher realm of analyzing human behaviors associated with those conversations.

Analytics” – or “CBA” – and in this post we’re pleased to share with you the “ABCs of CBA” and the enlightenment possible when customer service and contact center teams can go from good to GREAT.

The ABC’s of Conversational Behavioral Analytics

Customer Magazine: on how Conversational Behavioral Analytics raises the bar for modern CX