With Massive Enterprises to Support, Contact Center BPOs Turn to Big Data Analytics to Drive Competitive Differentiation



By: Brad Richards

As the Contact Center and CX BPO industry continues to grow, big data is more valuable than ever. Why?

In one word the answer is scale.

Think about it this way: with more channels, there are more ways to interact. With more sophisticated consumer electronics, there is a greater demand for technical support. With more people shopping online, there is a greater demand from consumers checking on delivery, or who need help with a return. With more cyber attacks on banks and retailers, there are more consumers requiring assistance to protect their identity. And with tougher regulations given new challenges, ensuring compliance is becoming harder than ever to do, and impossible to do at scale.

Big data collection, statistical analysis, and analytics enable contact centers to operate more efficiently and efficiency is half of the game for BPOs – the other half is driving more sales and greater loyalty in a way that can be proven.

Intelligent systems like CustomerView improve agent performance and customer satisfaction, contribute to better products and services, lower the cost of operations, and position BPOs for an even brighter future.

Intelligent systems highlight important conversations just-in-time, and by uncovering trends in complaints, customer satisfaction, and product issues over time, each captured (including transcription of voice into data), recorded, stored, analyzed and leveraged across limitless new applications.

For example, flag key words and phrases between agents and callers, including understanding tone and pitch, pauses and patterns, take understanding beyond simple fact collection to understanding intent, gauging sentiment, and evaluating the long-term impact of a conversation outcome.  This allows organizations to see what’s being discussed and know when things are going wrong – but also when things are going right.

Once businesses can listen and understand to everything their customers have to say – including how and why they’re saying it –problems are solved faster, learning and improving advances, and products evolve based on market input.

Perhaps the most critical trend is the rapidly growing sophistication of customer marketing.  Everyone knows keeping a customer is far less difficult than acquiring one.  The companies who use BPOs have far more sophisticated options now– more and more sales and marketing driven BPOs, many if not most offering far more than traditional customer service. Now most offer data and applications that drive sophisticated inbound and outbound marketing programs that increase customer lifetime value.

Brands are always on the hunt for new ways to add value and monetize the services they bring to customers. On the other hand, the implicit standards of good customer service rise with each new product, pushing brands to always be one step ahead of upcoming trends. Keeping up with market demands is as much thought leadership as it is analytics driven decision analysis.  Thanks to big data analytics, it is possible to do both and better personalize customer experience in way not available even just a few years ago.

They can compete and win, and grow more predictable, recurring and sustainable revenue, a deliver a noticeable and loyalty-inspiring experiences.

We’re seeing this every day with our clients and predict that 2020 will be a breakthrough year in “CXaaS” – Customer Experience as a Service – and we’re proud to be leading in this innovation space.



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