CustomerView Offers A Cloud-Based Platform And Industry Solutions Designed To Improve Every Customer Interaction, Across Every Channel


JUNE 2019

By: Joe Galvin

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to CustomerView?

A: CustomerView is a premier Customer Experience as a Service (CXaaS) platform and solutions company. With a cloud-based big data analytics engine, and a platform design to make integration of our AI solutions easy and scalable, CustomerView supports all corporate functions, beyond information technology to include customer service, sales, marketing, finance, and the C-Suite. We share information and insights on customer activity and provide predictive guidance that enhances the performance of agents and the entire contact center team.

Q: You’ve recently announced a new integration with the Genesys PureCloud application; could you tell us something more?

A: The integration was launched to support ActivusConnect, a pioneering contact center company established by industry veterans.

We are honored to have brought Activus to Genesys when we learned about their vision and commitment to bringing the very best people together with the latest innovations in customer experience technology. Felix Serrano and his co-founder Minerva Serrano have deep experience in the industry and are genuinely committed to creating an environment where ambassadors, their coaches, and their customers work together in an efficient and enlightened way to make everybody happy. When we understood what they were innovating, we recommended they build on Genesys PureCloud, and the rest is history.

Q: What makes your behavioral analytics and quality assurance automation capabilities unique?

A: Our innovation efforts with two world-class companies reflects our commitment to build the best CXaaS platform in the industry. Activus has created a combination of positive human energy and talent with the most intelligent software and advanced cloud-based platform and is a unique company with a culture that brands love to work with because they know their customers will be treated with great professionalism and kindness.

With CustomerView’s behavioral analytics and quality assurance automation capabilities, they truly understand ‘What Great Looks Like’. And, they have the tools and information to continuously deliver the brand commitment ‘Elevating Experiences’ that deepen loyalty and differentiate brands that value the role great people play in representing their products and services.

Q: What sets you apart from your competitors?

A: We’re not just another contact center analytics platform. We have developed what we call Conversational Behavioral Analytics which means we can capture, analyze and create insights out of every conversation, sensing tone of voice, pauses and more. We go beyond this to link successful outcomes with the specific behaviors of the agents (or the bots!)


Originally posted on Tech Company News.


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